Best Food Films: The Chef

Great food needs love, imagination and an open mind. The rise of street food.

Wow! Where do I start with this film? Do we talk about the great food, the great music (if you love salsa and the cha cha cha, this is the soundtrack for you) or the mouthwatering cooking scenes? Take your pick!
OK…or the sad reality of a kid having to “educate” his dad on how ot use twitter? Some of us, of a certain age, can probably sympathise with this last one…

What I would like to talk about is the reinvention of street food over the last few years. This post can easily sit under my posts on Trends. Just like any other real trend, it comes on the scene, gradually and quietly (sometimes) and before you know it, it is everywhere!

I remember going to a music festival many years ago and seeing a food van that was very different to the usual burger and chips food vans. It was imaginatively decorated, the cooking smells were inviting and the food itself juicy and flavourful with delicate spice notes.
Over the years the casual outdoors food scene has been transformed. Food vans and eating on a park bench have become the preferred thing to do and with good reason. They offer new flavours and textures, are informal and approachable, friendly and fun and of course good value for money. Why have a dry old sandwich for lunch when you can take a walk and enjoy some fabulous freshly cooked food? You can tell the good food trucks because, just like in the film, the queues are long. These are places of inspiration for a product developer.

I would even go as far as saying, why bother with formal restaurants, bookings and time slots when you can walk into a food paradise like say, Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden. The food there can transport you to far away places, from Mexico to Thailand and from New York to Manila!
We are very fortunate in London, with a plethora of greta treet food places, Borough Market, Kerb Campden Market, Maltby Street Market and many more. But if you think that this is a London thing, then think again. Great street food is everywhere. Just check the British Street Food Awards’ list and you’ll find many great places all around the country.

Steet food offers new flavours and textures, is informal and approachable, friendly and fun and of course good value for money. A place of inspiration for any product developer.

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