Innovation tools #2: Coming up with ideas

How many brainstorming techniques are there ? Probably as many as grains of sand on a beach

Last week’s post on whether creativity is a skill that can be developed, got me thinking about the numerous ways and techniques that we use to come up with ideas. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that this must be a list with no end, hence the sand and beach parallel (nothing to do with the fact that because of the lockdown, I can only dream of going to the beach…).

So WHAT IF* (favourite two words ever!) I could compile a list of as many ways, techniques, environments, methods, inspirations of coming up with ideas, as I can.

Valia’s challenge

So this is not one of my usual post. This is the start of a challenge to create a very long list, that will be updated regularly. I’ll reach out to friends and I’ll ask them for their best tips:
– What techniques do they use
– Do they have any special places where ideas come flooding in
– Have they come across and idea gurus and their methods
– Are there any people that help them come up with ideas
– Do they have any best practices to help other people come up with ideas
– What conditions encourage idea generation
I’ll of course be very happy to credit your contribution on the list.

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*What If is also the name of a creative agency (there may be others) that I worked with many years ago. They even ran a training session for us at the time that was excellent. Worth getting if you can. Amazon had some used copies available. Just to be clear re copyright, I will not be copying the book, rather capturing methods I have tried and tested over the years, some of which were sparked off by the training I had attended.

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