Lesson#2: Birds are not the only ones to migrate.

Moisture migration in composite products can pose challenges

You may learn about moisture migration at uni, but it’s not until you experience what it can do to a lovely chocolate covered snack that you say “Respect!”, or like a old colleague of mine used to say “Ignore it at your peril”.

So here is the thing, take a lovely, crunchy, crispy biscuit. Put a dollop (this is a technical term, LOL!) of real freshly prepared oozing caramel. Then cover the whole thing in shiny, snappy (when set of course) chocolate 🍫. We are talking real chocolate here, not chocolate flavoured coating. You won’t have to wait long to see what happens next. Within a few days it will start to crack.

“But I did not see this on the samples I made in the lab!” I remember saying and scratching my head. Then my colleague reminder me that I had built up biscuit and caramel one day and put the chocolate on a day later…All this lovely moisture moving around and settling before putting on the chocolate.

There are things one can do to avoid it of course, answers on a postcard please, but best to consider all this early in a project, before factory trials.

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There are things that can be done to manage or even avoid moisture migration, but best to consider them early in a project’s life

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