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Valia Christidou

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“Unlock your Superhero” creativity techniques webinar. Organised by IFST’s Food innovation group Link.

IFST publishes Vision and Call to Action for a UK wide Food Strategy Link.

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Don’t try this at work!

Learnings from over 30 years of creating new biscuits and snacks. What worked and what didn’t.

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WOW I wish I’d thought of that!
News, trends, great new products and perhaps the odd recipe or two.

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Take a deep breath….

There are some great ideas out there. People and initiatives that inspire.

‘It’s only biscuits…” was the phrase I heard the most during my many, many years in the development of yummy new biscuits. It was also the one that would stir in me feelings of pride, anxiety, accomplishment, frustration…sometimes all at the same time!

This is what my friends and colleagues would say to me, or I to them, when projects were not going to plan and stress levels were rising. It was like a special code that only we knew the true meaning of. It meant, “I’m here to help”, “You are brilliant, don’t give up”, “You’ve got this”, “I’ve got your back”, “Put things into perspective”.
To us, it was a lot more than “only biscuits”…

“It’s only biscuits…” means “I’ve got your back”, “You are brilliant”

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